My Mum & her sister used to play a game called Sorry! as kids. Mum still has their version of the boardgame, and the design of the board and the cards is enchanting!

The outer box of the Sorry! boargame, with the name in big bold red font from the 60s, embossed on a blue background, on a white and yellow box.

The copyright is 1951 and 1963, so this is probably a 60s edition. I think it shows in the typography choices.

Half of the game board, showing the blue and yellow players' homes of the four-way rotationally symmetric board.

Each of the four sides has a different season of the same tree beautifully illustrated behind the game.

A wide angle and close-up of the 11 card with text reading “Any one of your margin men may change places with any one margin man of any opponent.”

The font choice and bold single colour design really appeal to me!