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I've enjoyed thinking about this conlang a lot! I depend a lot on phrasing things precisely to express myself — even in everyday interactions (which can get confusing & frustrating when there's no way anyone else could be aware of the nuance in my word choice…) — so Toki Pona is incredibly interesting.

With only ~120 words and 14 characters it's tiny, and forces you to talk around

alone - a poem

Quite an intense one! I'm yet to find other pre-translated toki-pona poems. Perhaps I'll try translating one at some point!

Toki Pona
ijo li moku e mi.
mi wile pakala.
pimeja li tawa insa kon mi.
jan ala li ken sona e pilin ike mi.
toki musi o, sina jan pona mi wan taso.
telo pimeja ni li telo loje mi, li ale mi.
tenpo ale la pimeja li lon.
wan taso
I am devoured.
I must destroy.
Darkness fills my soul.
No one can understand my suffering.
O poetry! My only friend.
This ink is my blood, is my life.
And Darkness shall reign forevermore.


Poetry book

A collection of 27 poems listed on the homepage

Computer-written poetry

Someone wrote code to write (semi-sensical) poetry in Toki Pona, which looks really fun.


There seem to be a number of fonts that people have created for the written form of toki pona, like Fairfax HD which covers 'all the conlangs in the registry' which will definitely be fun to play with.

A sample of characters of Toki Pona written in the FairfaxHD font.

A sample of characters of Toki Pona written in the FairfaxHD font.