Asterisk Magazine

I love the design of this magazine, the simple colours & design (as well as their ethos), but one little feature particularly is super intriguing!

On any article page, if you highlight a block of text, an asterisk will appear which will let you bookmark that chunk of text โ€” entirely locally. It stores the data in your browser's DB, so there's no data going back to the magazine about what the most highlighted section is, which is always nice.

I haven't explored this feature a lot, but I'd be interested in exploring whether the highlights can survive edits of the article? What referencing mechanism they use for storing the locations of the highlights? (Is it a CFI?) Can you manually export your highlights later, in a format that allows for citations? It's all quitr exciting.

Offline only

This blog post from Chris Bolin, and a magazine (referenced in the article) that extended from it are designed so that you can only view them when disconnected from the internet.

I love this idea. I'd probably make it so that you had to have been offline for a short while (say, 5 minutes) before you could engage with the site (perhaps showing a flowering bud that takes 5 minutes to bloom, before you can start the interaction), so that the temptation to just flip your wifi on and off all the time isn't there โ€” otherwise this could just become an annoyance?

I'd either let people click links but 'save them for later' (when they're back online), or keep the interaction totally within the site.

Stylying RSS feed

I've used the recommendations on this site to ensure the RSS feeds on this site look pretty too! (Stick index.xml at the end of any page listing posts to see what I mean, eg