Decided to try Zoe as a tool to understand my gut & learn more about nutrition — the blood/glucose calibration cookie I just ate had so much sugar I feel physically high 😅

I'm not sure why I adore tinkering with IPFS so much, but I do! Currently tweaking a half-finished project that auto-pins DNSLink entries (like /ipns/ so you can pin dynamic sites.

akrasia: the state of mind in which someone acts against their better judgement through weakness of will.


I think I've finally managed to run IndieKit on my HomeLab so that I can update my personal site from MicroPub clients (I'm trying on mac os right now).

It's more complex than I'd like, but perhaps I can invest some time into making the install process easier for others!

I'm now nervous about my private data here, so I'm going to delete my account (and demand the erasure of its historical info) soon. I might come back, but you can definitely find me at, or on a variety of platforms from my site,

Masc folk of Twitter; where do you go to find interesting clothing? Digital or physical I'm utterly bored with variants of jeans and shirt.

My brain today: "What an excellent nap. It totally sets us up for that nap we're really craving."

Mid re-hash of a friendly Brexit debate, I realise this is alarmingly similar to the Microservices vs. Monoliths debate 😂😳🧐🤐

Can I ask a favour @Ada_Palmer? I've found it difficult getting into new novels after finishing your superlative story-in-four; do you have any book recommendations at the moment you'd share? I'd enjoy breaking away from what I'd usually go for, hence no specifics! 😅

@RadioCityGhost1 @BobSacamano_FGC @MrGrunshaw @molly0xFFF The futures that I used to see & joy in because of smart contracts are all based on the premise of "when you can prove ownership of X anywhere/easily/rapidly", but ownership only makes sense through its inverse: those who don't have. I want a future with less scarcity, not more

Absurdle 6/∞


Pretty chuffed with that for a first try!

It's been a long while (it's a big book, with bigger thoughts) but today I finished reading @Ada_Palmer's Perhaps the Stars, and so the chronicle that is Terra Ignota. Ada, your skill with language & thought is unsurpassed; your story will never leave me. Thank you! 💚

Cinderella, but finding the woman behind the mask from the socially distanced ball.

I'm told I woke my partner up last night with my sleep laughing?
Can't get a straight answer as to whether it was "that puppy thinks that kitty is it's mommy" laughter, or "I put eggs in all your shoes" laughter…

"Hey Google, start a timer for half an hour"
"Okay, timer starting for 50 minutes"

Someone's going to 🤦‍♂️ when they find that bug 😁

@bencord0 …which is to say: none at all 😁

I have a habit of taking videos I feel passionately about (+ve or -ve) and breaking them down to find any logical fallacies implied their reasoning. I couldn't make it through half a minute of this video, which probably means I should!

Just saw a deeply annoying video on tolerance, and how it "actually now means intolerance", because of "left politics".

Newsflash: anything pursued with enough zeal will become intolerant. It has nothing to do with "the left".

This morning I am making onigiri. This is the first time. I hope they're not inedible 😅

Today I am excite enough that I've been starching my shirt with wood polish.

Sadly some friends are at risk of redundancy & may be leaving Deliveroo. If you want to hire great people, look no further: (You'll find folks from engineering, data science, product, recruitment, people, and elsewhere)

Bonus points if tipping an advertising homescreen photo go to the artist (rather than the advertiser) 😉

I decided I want to make a calendar of great livestream events over the next weeks to "go" to with all you lovely people. What's happening out there on the web? I'll put whatever I find & like at, see you in a few hours?

Would you be interested in making a second custom deadline that polls the details from a text file, so I can define dynamic progress (like time through workday or similar?)

Do any of you find yourself pulling the emoji face you're scrolling looking for?

@IPFSPinata Now returning rapidly, but it was a good 5 minutes before it's quick to return. Are pinned hashes moved to higher latency storage over time? (No judgement, good to know if this is planned though!)

In the few places where yellow isn't used, customisation has gone a long way to help people who don't speak English understand as best they can.

No level buttons on this lift!

The tube has the same colour themes, styling and fonts to give a consistent guide onward.

Everything you need to pay attention to is yellow and either at the same height above-head or, for things that inform you but don't inform decision making, below your feet.

Whoever designed the signage at Heathrow Terminal 5's arrivals is a master of human interaction.

@digitalocean the rough routes my little UDP packet might have taken in the human world would be very useful; also, any (branded! 😁) illustrations you have that I could use would be greatly appreciated!

@ncameron @jonnyburch @tommypalm Having to implement the flipper_id method on everything you want to use as an "actor" was an important step to get right, but after that it's all pretty simple. Doesn't do any experimentation stuff though. If yous are ever keen to meal/beer to chat through this stuff, just 🌊😁

@ncameron @jonnyburch @tommypalm Ultimately I'd suggest picking something that works for you now, but that has enough of an abstraction layer that you can swap it out in the future. As @tommypalm mentioned flipper is great for its simple UI and speed of implementation

An excellent read (from a chap with excellent genes): The (business) value of design. Worth thinking about from both sides; particularly why you should want a designer at your table.

"A happy man or woman is a better thing to find than a five pound note."
— Robert Louis Stevenson, An Apology for Idlers

Conversations about folks from underrepresented groups in business situations.

"People keep telling me I already have the authority and status for a seat at the table," she said, "and that I just need to go and take it."

"The trouble is, I don't know where that table is."

My favourite IMDB credit. @AJemaineClement as: Fart.

That description isn't entirely accurate of the role, so I like to imagine him fighting hard over the contract to be credited thusly. Nice 💪

My auntie and I trying not to look too closely at "The Abyss", a straight 3,000ft drop off the edge of the Grand Canyon.

This place is utterly stunning, it's almost like it's……



At Heathrow and there's these ad posters "Culture is Great (Britain & NI)", "Innovation is Great (Britain & NI)". Super cheesy, but there's some subtle shade… one just says "Countryside is Great (Britain)".


Walking to work in glorious summer sun, while still in winter, listening to this outrageously talented musician, chemist, and (clearly) polymath is inspiring:

🎶 Alexander Borodin: String Quartet No. 2 in D Major: III. Nocturne (arr. for violin and orchestra)
Listen elsewhere

This eve, I'll & frustrated by the shit IT systems NHS staff have to put up with, I decided to do another art.

I took a canvas (traditional start)
Some crayons (how old are you?)
And a hairdryer (uh oh…)

And tamed gravity and Brownian motion enough to make this weirdness 😁🌈

I decided to generate the gif in golang too. Palette quantisation was fun to learn about; how you take a 32 bit colour image and decide which colours you should use when downsampling into 256 colours.

I used the "Median Cut" method (…/quantize)

The perceptual hash algo ( wasn't perfect for my use case, but it did a pretty great job. They're a way of comparing the visual similarity of two images, where slight visual differences register as smaller numerical difference.

"How did I do it?", you ask?

WELL. I used ffmpeg to extract 5 second moments to PNG frames, then some custom golang to compare the perceptual hashes of every frame and look for identical hashes that are more than a few frames apart.

A truly fantastic performance of the Vagina Monologues by Freiburg's own maniactsfreiburg — their large cast (for a monologue!) only enriched it, and I can't recommend going to see it this…

Ohhh. That's why it's felt like a hard game. Not the beer. Never the beer.

I started watching Samurai Jack again this evening. I had forgotten how much time the animators gave to visuals — they're mesmerising and stunning ❤️

"When an impulse is not indulged in the moment in which is arises, there grows up a desire for the expected consequences of indulging the impulse."

Someone started reading Bertrand Russell 😅

To be in awe of what my fellow dreamers make,
Of their dreams or with their hands when wide awake
Is the greatest existential vent
I thrive on being miriscient.\

MiriscientMonday 6/6

Turns out, shock horror, I'm nothing new
There's quite a few folks who take the view
That shaping oddities from in your mind
And bringing them alive is what we're meant to do\

MiriscientMonday 4/6

But there's only so much you can do from bed.
Locked into reflection, sometimes it's novelty
That spurs on perception, so instead
I made a choice: to look ahead and take wonder as my voice.\

MiriscientMonday 3/6

So I'd turn the other cheek
And maybe sneak another forty winks
As I tried to burrow back beneath the sheets
And strain to make those two ends meet.\

MiriscientMonday 2/6

Morning always brought about a sigh of resignation for me.
A feeling of incompatibility
Between the world inside my dreaming head
And the one I found before me.

miriscientmonday 1/6

Actually, @swindle, I want to pay for the fun I had & great music I heard, not just the ticket: if I buy a(nother) copy of the album, do you have a way to make sure it gets to someone who wouldn't otherwise be able to buy it instead?

So. Apparently I end up building a bunch of toy software that tinkers with time, but on severely constrained hardware. Because of this I have the "am I going to live more than 136 years?" chat with myself weirdly frequently.

I like that your world is so self consistent that figuring out its economies is yet another thing that drives me to philosophy: what motivates humans on a global scale 😁

"People who have similar interests" seems probable, but then wouldn't you end up with something akin to nations, as regions of space predominantly define law and culture; Romanova would disapprove?

TFW all your colleagues, who ordered at the same time, got their new phones and yours is still scheduled for next week…

Playing laser tag is always fun, doubly so when it's entirely in German, a language I don't understand one jot 😂

"Will children under the age of 5 please board now with their parents"
I like this phrasing, a lot 😄

One of my favourite perks of working at @Deliveroo is our foodnerds @SlackHQ channel. Going on holiday? Taking a friend out in a new part of town? The epicureans in there will give you the best recommendations!

@getboxy Now to do the same on my work laptop… 😬

If central account management makes it in, I'd also appreciate being able to silence/sleep a specific account (to stop work emails disturbing me when I'm not working)

Thanks for the hard work and fast replies!

We part ways a few minutes later, he offers some sage parting advice: "Don't have too many beers tonight yeh? I know what you're like ha!" 4/5

"Ey, I seen dem gains!", he says, as he moves to pulling fingers, cracking my knuckles as he goes, "Workin' at that computer'n everyfing. You're stronger than you look bruv!" 3/5