We part ways a few minutes later, he offers some sage parting advice: "Don't have too many beers tonight yeh? I know what you're like ha!" 4/5

"Ey, I seen dem gains!", he says, as he moves to pulling fingers, cracking my knuckles as he goes, "Workin' at that computer'n everyfing. You're stronger than you look bruv!" 3/5

A bond with a Ted's barber is a close and brief one; 30 seconds in and they know your profession, the troubles of your week, and have washed your hair with care and tenderness your partner only just outdoes. "It's hard but it's good." 2/5

"You can take that massage, can't you sir", he said as he slaps my arm precisely, the final stage of a hair cut at Ted's Grooming Room. 1/5

Hey @VaxUK, did you need to give the person in your instructions heels? I for one find it hard to operate machinery while perching on the balls of my feet.

(Hint: if you're trying to empower women, consider first why you assume your main user is a woman)

If you're ever considering whether @Spiral_Galaxy Games is the right company for you, just go for it: they've been awesome and lovely every step of the way every time I've interacted with them. A+++++ would Spiral Galaxy again.

I like unpacking my books first when I move house, the many tomes I know I want to read but haven't inspire me to keep unpacking! I think I need a new shelf though…

Moving house and this glorious forgotten memory fell from a second hand book.

Hot damn London you're beautiful; every time I go away a spell, I come back and there you are with all your colours and sounds and peoples and bountiful micro-kindnesses. Dynamic equilibrium at its best!

"All foods can be categorised as Soup, Salad or Sandwich"
"What about Steak?"
"We'll, it's not a Soup, and it's not a Sandwich; so it's a Salad"

Do I know anyone who sees this picture of one hipsteresque Edison screw fit bulb and thinks "YES. I must have ten of these."? Cos if so…

I adore postcards. Dismantling my collection is one of the most saddening parts of moving; but @3M's command strips make it easy, and the cards I get to re-read make it worthwhile

Packing up my flat using boxes from the last time. This Sharpie'd sentence sums up both what I'll be moving and how well I prepare…

Just reflashed the NFC chip embedded in my festival wristband to link me to the photos I took while there nerdlife

More succinctly: does the person your manager turns to for support have time and experience enough to give it?

My take? Psychology is complex. Understanding even a slice gives a better shot at smooth group function (home or work).

Maybe company's staff could do with a counsellor who doesn't report to HR? Maybe basic psych'l training would go a long way? I've certainly benefitted from both

2) Assuming good intent
Counsellors (in UK) are required to be in counselling. Listening to another human's hardships is tough. Many requires you have your own outlet, no matter your strength. Even the best tree of mgrs like this requires each can give greater psych'l support

1) Conflict of interest
Person measuring your ++ to the business, & tasked with fighting your corner, must now be aware of human duality (hard time personally != poor for business); your mgr needs to be great at managing, know your role (for your career) & know basic psychology.

This thread got me thinking about mental health support at work:…/1021534299982651…

Non-work MH issues can be addressed thru counselling. In work life there's a parallel position; but in some companies that counsellor is your manager. I have two major concerns with this:

Hanging out with my cousins at the Ace Hotel, bonus string quartet for brunch!

Delicious thali on set at the awesome Jam Circus next to the Rivoli — back to work now though, it's Time to Dance!

That moment when you're revisiting a digital old favourite ( ❤️) and realise that you've since fallen in love with its author's other creations (@vulfpeck!) — thanks @jacks, Thacks.

An interesting aspect of having a strongly visual and marginally obsessive mind is that if I glance at my sock drawer before bed I will dream of finding pairs for the two slightly differently shaded lonely mustard socks at the top.

And so ends a glorious year of outstanding literature. @willoughbybooks you are exceptional! You'll have to try harder to best my brother, but he's cheating, he gifted me a year's subscription 😁

I posit: if you pray, praying for events past is as powerful as those current or future. Your god is omniscient, if prayer is a factor irrespective of distance the same must be true of time.

Today I will mostly be eating colour coordinated food. Apparently.

I'm enjoying reading Mumon's collection of Zen writings having no real context for how to interpret them.

It is too clear and so it is hard to see.
A dunce once searched for a fire with a lighted lantern.
Had he known what fire was,
He could have cooked his rice much sooner.

Another fascinating set of pint18 talks!
Tonight's take-away is that in small groups "we feel more comfortable assuming everyone is equally competent." This 'equality bias', in contrast to many other biases, can mean that we trade favours rather than give experience it's due.

TIL Cynics are so called because the Ancient Greek Diogenes, "the most famous Cynic", lived such a simple life that he was called "dog-like", translated in Greek: Kunikos, Latin: Cynicus.

🤪 just faced a real life moral quandary: suit walks out of newsagent's and £15 floats to the floor as they adjust a paper under their arm. They don't notice, but 5 meters away a homeless person, with a donation cup out, does. Wind sticks the banknotes to my leg…

That ❤️ when colleagues put a space in your name when referring to you on @SlackHQ while you're on holiday so that, if you forgot to turn work mode off, you're not tempted by a notification — thank you Edd Sowden ❤️

Determined to mock us, our guidebook points out that the name of the area we're staying in, Poble Sec, translates directly as "dry village" — no-one told the weather 😂🌦️

Ha! @Ryanair intentionally splits up people flying together (unless you pay a fee) so my entire plane is playing friendly musical chairs to get as many people close to their friends as possible ♥️

Call me an optimist, but at least they won't be able to play that godawful "another @Ryanair flight landing on time" jingle when we land.

Do judge a book by its cover, but don't tell chapter 3 it must be wrong cos it doesn't match.

Waterproof jackets are the best! They stop all the rain from hitting you and instead dump it in your crotch.

I typo URLs a fair amount. @google you'd make my day if, when I typed '', I got back a random page of one of these folks instead of the "you can't type" sad faced emo sheet of paper icon.

Knowing that I'll get support and not a single suspicious look when I head home from work at 9:15am to quarantine a cold on a day this temptingly glorious is one of the many reasons @Deliveroo is the best place I've ever worked ☀️😷

TIL: a sirloin steak in France is called "Faux-Fillet", literally a false steak 😄

I read @neilhimself's excellent adaptation of/homage to A Midsummer Night's Dream in the Sandman universe last night. It's inspired me, on a long train to the West Country, to try and write a sonnet… TIL iambic pentameter is HARD 😂

“And the second part?”
“How do you spell that?”
“Like Hospital, but without the ‘H’ and ‘O’”
“Thank you sir”

Dear Mr. Hastings-Hospital,

"Absolutely Superlative", a browser extension which hides all HTML elements with title text that includes absolutes or superlatives ("always", "never", "best", "worst"…) because life is full of ambiguity.

It gives quite driving oriented roadnames (what is the "A2" to a walker?) and I prefer absolute directions at complex intersections ("continue North", rather than "turn left onto X Rd", then after 10 meters "right onto Y Rd") but these are minor gripes!

@arrwoo @tomgodber @Yorkshire_BS (I'm sorry, I've just realised my morning grogginess is leading to a very "mansplainy" set of replies; definitely not my intention! This kinda marketing idiocy is totally infuriating, I hope they and others sort their act out!)

Is there an alternative to @github's @speakerdeck that's as good & simple but allows transcriptions? It's an all but perfect product for sharing talks, but the best talks need context from… the talking!

Before reading the options below, if someone said they were "ambivalent" about the thing you just told them about, what would you interpret this as?

(I'm less interested in what's "correct"; I'd like to know what people would think if I used it)

Sometimes I'm asked "why software, JP?"
Below is a shining example of Reason#1: our industry makes great kindness easy to orchestrate. This appeals to me directly, but also means we have an incredibly kind and helpful community. Thanks @olafurw 👌…/9320978041594060…

@stevesmith2609 But it's a toss-up to me as to how popular that'll be for authors; I can imagine that style of writing gives much less pleasure to someone trying to be creative. Interesting thought topic though! 😄 /4 of 4

@stevesmith2609 …(like one of John Scalzi's Old Man's War books, which I read one chapter of every Tuesday as it was released by Amazon) will usually be written well in advance and only released in episodes. Nothing to stop new story telling media following what people like though! /3

@stevesmith2609 …will likely become more influenced by feedback from the previous installation's tracking (like serial TV shows do today). Not likely to be mainstream though, as writing a book is hard and requires non-linear edits, so the serial book publications… /2

Note to self: don't start threads with an @ reply, it confuses everyone else…

@Tolnga_ @astro_noms @alexbertanades In this specific case Alex was asked to "dial down the feminism" which I think would feel like a lack of respect, the exact thing that I assume Alex is fighting for. Teacher's glib remark would make me feel like I needed to dial it up!

@Tolnga_ @astro_noms @alexbertanades So equal and equal respect aren't the same in many cases. I find understanding feminism as a man can be hard because I need to understand where women aren't given respect, but I have to go looking for those moments as they don't happen to me.

Some days you come across code you wrote three years ago that makes you cry; some days you come across code you wrote three years ago that makes you cry with laughter.

Seriously considering answering phone calls with "Hello, what colour is the sky?" — the bot-callers trying to mine my data can't have seen the sky, right?

On the ☎️ to IKEA. The hold music begins with Abba (uninterrupted by announcements ❤️🇸🇪), followed by a polite and apologetic voice thanking me for patience, moving swiftly on to Journey's Don't Stop Believing.
Telephone engineer, whoever you are, I salute you.

I met a chap last week who helped build @TheNiceBot. As part of an anti-bullying campaign it set out on a(n initially) 63 year campaign to say something nice to every Twitter user, one person every 30 seconds. ♥️

I have so much respect for @danharmon. No matter the gravity of the mistake the only way forward is with careful thought & considerate action. To risk doing this publicly to help others is selflessness I wish we saw more of from those in positions of power…/dan-harmon-rick-…

I found a beautiful postcard of the @StarAlfriston in my Grandmother's collection from her travels around Europe 😊

Wishing you a joyful Christmastide,
and may your brightest prospects
be realised in the Coming Year