Being intentional about what I spend my time on has been consistently rewarding through my life, so when I learned about the Now movement I knew I'd be publishing my own /now page too.

I'm a little apprehensive about being too openly public with lots of personal data, so this may be sparse at first!

I live in a lovely flat in North London with my fiancรฉ Yvette . We still feel like we're only recently home from our travelling Sabbatical, which took us through South America, Western Canada, Japan, and Singapore โ€” we're missing the travel enormously! We were blogging (for part of that trip) at

The biggest news from that trip was Yvette proposing to me at the top of the Torres del Paine mountains โ€” I'm so excited to be marrying her, even if the wedding planning is triply complex because of our mixed nationalities!

A photo of Yvette and I grinning at the camera, with the engagement compass Yvette just gave JP

The second biggest news from that trip was my Mum discovering she has a terminal cancer. I'm struggling with this a fair amount at the moment, but I have a superlative support network, and Deliveroo embracing my choice to move to a 4-day work week to spend more time with her has been wonderful. I'm (clearly) being quite open about this, but I'd appreciate your efforts in finding quieter times if you'd like to talk to me about this; I hope it's easy to understand how this topic can emotionally blind-side me!

My work at Deliveroo is very internally-facing at the moment, so there's not much high-level context that's worth sharing here, but I'm always open to sharing what I can about my role and my company, if you're interested in knowing.

While London is trying to remember what the definition of "Summer" is, I'm spending time making things. I recently finished a 4-week throwing (pottery) course, and had a lot of fun making bowls and cups and vases โ€” I'll post some pictures here when I pick them up from their final firing! I'm also putting a fair amount of time into this blog right now (you may have noticed) as a way to trying to find a faster way to ground for the regular lightning strikes of ideas I seem to be having since returning from my travels!

I'm really enjoying slowly playing through Viewfinder โ€” it reminds ne a lot of Portal โ€” wonderful puzzles, engaging story, lots of "ah ha!" moments. Definitely worth a play!

I'm only a few pages into Cheap Complex Devices and already loving it. Even the foreword has me thinking meta: should I trust the editor of the book when he says "skip the rest of the foreword", given that the editor is a character?? It's definitely not a book for sleepy bedtime reading!

A few days ago I pulled out Kitty Cat Kill Sat on Audible as something relaxing to listen to with house chores and travel โ€” what a win! It's fun, playful, gripping and lighthearted without being frivolous. I'm absolutely steaming through it!

It's strange, I seem to be spending a lot more time listening to books than reading them at the moment. I can't tell if I like this or not; I think I'm often doing something else at the same time while I'm listening, which is a shame, as I've always enjoyed the cordoned-off time that reading a book gives you (and your head!) I have a lot of train travel over this weekend, perhaps I'll take my book but not my headphonesโ€ฆ

A photo looking across a lake on a bright blue-sky day. There's a large water fountain in the middle, with the wind pulling the spray across the photo, creating a small rainbow.

A sunny day pedalo-ing around the lake in Victoria Park