I spent a while flicking through pictures of my trip this morning — at 4am, having been woken up by an enormous snowstorm — got thinking and started writing.

I turned it into this little sequence when the sun came up (and finally got to post it now Instagram's issues are fixed!) 😊


There have been a lot of lovely photos of wonderful places here recently

I'm having an incredible time, but this is only a slice of the story. Even the easiest life is hard.

I travel, befriend, and get creative—writing, photographing, making, thinking—to unwind from the stresses of a normal life.

If you've looked at these photos and longed to be having an amazing time "like me", then know that I've been you, and I will be again

When you get that feeling: go explore, see a friend, do something novel, travel—even just across town—write a postcard, a poem or have a dance.

I do love this rollercoaster of a life but don't be mislead, you won't see pictures of my twisty, pukey bits on here!

So, JP, when you scroll through this later remember that these are the good times and, if they seem a long way away, it's time to plan another adventure!

Love, JP