I've been pleasantly astounded by the quality of Fujifilm's Service Centre here in the UK. Honestly, it's likely to keep me using Fujifilm cameras at least until they change it.

I noticed a week back that my X-T30 wasn't turning on. I'm planning a trip, and this camera is 2 years old and out of warranty, so I knew I needed to suck it up and prepare for an expensive repair.

The pricing is a little confusing without context, and you can't get much more information until you register, but after a phonecall I was impressed — and even more so now I have a repaired camera in my hands, not 6 working days later.

Mostly this is because the stated price (£130 for an X-T30) covers everything. Postage (and packaging) in both directions, a renewed 1 year waranty, and any and every problem you specify, or that they notice, repaired. All with a stated round-trip time of 5-10 days (even faster if you want to spend an extra £10).

I mentioned to them that my camera wouldn't turn on, and also that I'd foolishly managed to burn some of the overlay into the electronic viewfinder by leaving it on while in webcam mode. Both of which they've fixed, but they also seem to have replaced the back LCD which only had a few small scratches.

Now, £130 isn't cheap by any stretch, and I'm sure this would be annoying if I had a minor/cheap repair to do, but I'm really appreciating the knowledge that if anything goes wrong with this camera there is a ceiling on what the repair will cost, and that the quality of the service is so high.

Fujifilm, you've made a happy customer a loyal one. Good work!