If you're hosting a static IndieWeb site and (want to) keep an up-to-date copy on IPFS, I'm offering to pin a replica of your site on my energy efficient HomeLab in London (in the UK), making it more highly available, as well as being searchable with Admarus.

To get started, just send me an email and I'll get it set up! (If I think your site isn't suitable for this offerโ€”perhaps it violates one of the Black Lawsโ€”we can chat about it.)

If you'd like help in publishing your static blog to IPFS please reach out! I'm passionate about this tech (this blog is automatically co-hosted on IPFS, check it out on dweb.link!), I'd love to help you out with understanding and automating your process where I can.

I run a power-efficient homelab at my home in London (a Turing Pi 2 rig I should blog about soon), so I have a terrabyte or two of SSD storage with a roughly gigabit upload link, that runs at under 10W of total power consumption (at average load). Perfect for serving relatively low-volume static sites!

I would love to run it off-grid, like the super cool Lowโ†Tech Magazine, but neither London's weather nor the orientation of my flat make that possible today โ€” but maybe one day!

I'll be assuming you have your IPFS-based site set up with DNSLink โ€” ie. you have a TXT record set up for _dnslink.your.domain.here with the contents dnslink=/ipfs/<CID to your site>. I'll be polling for changes on that DNS record at roughly your DNS record's TTL, and swapping the pin out on my homelab if I see it change.

Initially I'll have my IPFS server configured so that you won't be able to use this as primary hosting for your site, but I'll consider it if things go well. (That could include a webhook to request an update of your pin.)