I've long admired and played with postcards. For me there's an art to every aspect of creating and sending them — designing, choosing, writing, drawing, doodling, stamping — each of which could stand books' worth of elaboration.

Art is, in my humble opinion, at its greatest when limitlessly exploring a limited space, and a postcards provide plenty of just this kind of freeing limitation. They can be heartfelt and genuine precisely because they don't immediately invite a reply (unlike practically all other interpersonal communication), they invite novelty (like Mr. Bingo's hilarious Hate Mail, or Lupi & Posavec's beautiful Dear Data) because they are so simple and (literally!) inflexible.

Even now I'm slowly building a microsite gallery for the postcards my friend Claire sends me whenever she travels. Every one of them contains just one message: "Shut up, JP" in the local language. I love them.

I honestly think I'll always enjoy playing with postcards, in one form or another. If you'd ever like to tell me about your appreciation of them, a postcard you've seen or enjoyed receiving or sending, do reach out by email (I have a standing invitation)! …and if you'd like to send me a postcard you only need write me an email and ask for my address.