A screenshot of a Facebook wall-post with JP "really hates the roundy-edged square profile pics. Feck off!". Comment 1 from Bayan says "Mark is clearly trying to be more twitter- like :/". Comment 2 from JP says "I fixed it! I made a thingie for macs that prevents the roundy corner bits :P will post how-to soon"

Are you pissed off with the rounded profile pics that Facebook has decided to use? If so, just install this glimmer blocker filter and they'll be gone the next time you force-refresh your pages - forever!

The catches

  • You need a Mac. I might build a firefox greasemonkey script sometime soon tho.
  • You need GlimmerBlocker. I'd highly recommend it, its essentially a proxy that removes all the irritating ads on websites for you automatically :) It'll work with every application you use, and you can even make your own rules as to what gets blocked (like this...)

How to install

All you need to do is go into the GlimmerBlocker Preference pane, go into filters, hit the little cog next to + and - under filters and subscribe to my filter using the following address: dropbox.kedakai.co.uk/GlimmerBlocker/Facebook.xml1

Let me know if there are any other annoyances I could add to this filter!

  1. This URL (of mine) no longer works. I wonder if this GlimmerBlocker filter is still on one of my backups somewhere? ↩︎