Playdar is really starting to gain some momentum as great services like playgrub1 build on it's strong foundations.

I've just added to Playgrub's codebase by building some additional scrapers so that you can make use of Toby's fine webapp to (legally!) listen to some popular radio playlists on your own schedule!

So if you feel like listening to music from XFM, Radio 1, Kerrang! or NME then you should do the follwoing:

The number of services currently supported is still limited, so if there's a site you've found that lists songs you'd like to be able to grub then please let us know! Hopefully Playgrub will have a request feature soon, but in the meanwhile leave a comment here or have a look at the code behind them - if you know any Javascript at all you'll be able to write one yourself in no time!

Finally, if you're interested, stay tuned to the playgrub blog1 - playdar will only get more popular in the coming months3 and playgrub is bound to be at the forefront.

  1. Import note: I replaced the (now non-functional) link to the playgrub homepage/blog with a link to an Internet Archive copy, only to find it's a post talking about me! It's making me blush 😅 ↩︎ ↩︎

  2. Neither of these links will work now, as playgrub no longer exists 😞 ↩︎

  3. It didn't, but it was fun while it lasted! ↩︎