I got stuck into processing this weekend - I’ve been meaning to try it out for some time, but I also found a fantastic little project called ruby-processing. Yes, its exactly what it sounds like geeks, its the visual control of the processing language, in Ruby!

I instantly set about making a cool little toy, and I’ve got something pretty nifty almost ready for a release. Using the carnivore library to watch the internet traffic going through your computer, and the fabulous free hostip.info, I plot the global locations of the other computers your computer is talking to, in real time!

I’m sure I’ll be tinkering with it for a while yet, but I thought I’d whet your appetites :D Watch this space!

Massive credit to the creators of Processing and Carnivore, but particularly to jashkenas for creating ruby-processing and being so prompt helping me out with my problems building this little ditty. You may be interested in his ruby-processing demo “A Face for Stephen Hawking” - and to put a topical spin on this, its good to see Dr. Hawking is in better health now.