I'm not sure whether it was the company or the lovely lady who looked after me (or both), but Optical Express have surprised me this afternoon with a personal touch uncharacteristic of busy London shops.

I asked how quickly I could have new prescription sunglasses made and she not only offered the company's standard 2-day turn around, but also offered that if I was prepared to deliver the frames to their lab/branch myself I's reduce that time by a day, as their intra-store delivered are every morning.

It may seem little, but this thinking-outside-the-system really impressed me. It'd be very simple to say "this is the process", but I've now delivered my glasses (a short 10 minute walk away), will receive my glasses sooner and, if they don't have any other glasses to pick up tomorrow, they've saved themselves a journey.

A lovely little win-win because of some attention and flexible thinking.