A terrain map of the earth over the Atlantic, showing red dots moving between the UK and other places on earth

Where On The Web is aliiiiive!

I built it, and it appears to work averagely well. You can see the code in the gist on github and soon there will be a mini-video online showing you how it all works. In the meanwhile, just enjoy the pretty colours :D

I’ve uploaded a snapshot1 of the whole window for you to ogle at too.

If you want to play with the code, get ruby installed and then just do:

gem install ruby-processing

or follow the advice here.

Then download the code from the gist, find an equirectangular map of the earth, call it map.jpg and then run:

rp5 run whereOnTheWeb.rb

(There are more details in the gist) - Enjoy!

  1. Import note: Sadly this image has been lost. ↩︎