This is a standing invitation to write to me about anything that's on your mind!

My email address is

I'm a very curious person, and I enjoy connecting with people over the things we think about and create. I'd love to see what you've created, I'm happy to share advice on anything you think my opinion is valuable for, and it's even nice just to hear about what you're passionate about right now.

The deal

Taking a cue from Matthew Palmer, who inspired this page with his equivalent, I want to set your expectations. I try to reply to every email, though I can sometimes be slow with replies when the rest of my life is busy.

The less genuine or harder to follow your email is, the less likely a quick or thoughtful reply is. I probably won't reply to anything not written for me (particularly things copied to lots of people.)

I won't share anything you've made without your explicit permission, but please don't send anything you need to be kept secret to me without (at least) asking if that's okay first.